Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Good Champagne Loves Me

I've written about this before, so when the question about favorite Champagne was recently posed on LinkedIn, I couldn't help but respond. If you are not on LinkedIn, here's my post.

Because I enjoy Champagne so much I have said, "A good Champagne loves me." I am not an expert, but I know what I like; and I like what likes me.

I arrived at this conclusion because I could never understand why some people associate Champagne with headaches. They blame it on sugar. I blame it on price. Literally. Really good Champagne costs.

As does all good wine, Champagne has to come from good grapes and it has to be handled properly. Traditional methods of using only the juice of first pressings and the minimal contact of skins helps make it great. Even with today’s technological advances, there is a need for man hours. All this plus aging before release, and inherent real estate values drives cost.

I love the toast and yeasty flavors of Krug, the ability to have just a glass with a 187 ml. of Laurent-Perrier, and if prone to headaches Bollinger’s RD (recently disgorged.)

As noted by Eugene O’Neill in The Iceman Cometh, "Some people do love their Champagne." As do I. Dry, tiny bubbles, maybe a hint of lemon, or a little age. Rounded so it glides, with a lingering finale. And because I feel good the next day, I know I am loved.