Monday, February 2, 2009

Half Full!

In our New World, recommending a movie or restaurant to friends is a dicey affair. Even your most favorite of restaurants may receive objection for so much depends on one's mood while participating. I have learned what is slow service for some is leisurely for others--or the room so romantic to lovers may be too quiet for you. Plus a group in the midst of a good-time din could spell a bad time for neighboring diners.

Of course there are genuine mistakes, and they should be compensated, but if the sign of a great restaurant is excellence, day in and day out, then we believe Hemingway's meets this standard. Of the 30 plus tables serviced on a busy night only sporadically do we have an issue. In our 27 years of operating Hemingway's we believe this is an admirable average.

Given these odds it is surprising that the i-net is not overwhelmed with the positive, often glowing, comments received nightly. To the public at large these voices are mostly mute, thus it is through our own initiative they are more widely heard, predictably broadening us as a target.

It is our commercial obligation to recognize the culturally disabled or the squeaky wheel, and to right a wrong, but it is a sad analysis that in our society the boring grievance details of what should be a private communication and reconciliation between business and client is now made into a social spectacle.

We are compelled to address the low tolerance levels of the mean spirited as well as the general human malaise of seeing a glass half empty, conditions too often encountered. We hope you take subjectivity and stereotyping into consideration when confronted with such attitude. Meanwhile, we wish good fortune to all in this New Year in a New World.