Thursday, May 8, 2008

Vermont Food Odyssey

We’ve been taking clients on Food Odysseys to France and Italy for the past several years. Our first culinary excursion in 1994 was to the chic and attractive island of St. Barthelemy in the French West Indies. Back then we called ourselves Global Gourmets.

Now Vermont has the perfect social and agricultural fabric for our Food Odyssey to take hold right here in these beautiful Green Mountains.

The state of Vermont has been encouraging farmers and artisan food producers to establish themselves throughout the state in order to preserve the fabric of its rural landscape. We enjoy education, thus sharing the joy and passion of our gastronomic escapades. What better place than in our own beautiful Vermont backyard?

A Food Odyssey is an artisanal amble into the world of Green Mountain foods. It encompasses a variety of food and beverage related activities including, cooking classes, wine tastings, visits to farmsteads and artisan food and beverage producers, food tastings, gourmet dinners, picnics, and wild edible forages.

Further information can be found on Food Odysseys.