Saturday, May 3, 2008

Moms Remembered

Moms and grand-moms have spent time eternal feeding their men, often recreating delights from family hand-me-down recipes. It’s flavor fodder for all chefs. Historically, though less prevalant now, professional male chefs had the opportunity to consider chefing as a profession instead of an obligation. Hemingway's created a dinner in 1998 with Chef Ann Cooper who speaks to this in her book, A Woman’s Place is in the Kitchen. In that dinner we had several male cooks and we designed a menu attributing each course to the woman in their life who inspired the dish: made by men, learned from women. We think it fitting that for Mother’s Day 2008 we also have a menu motivated by women. Dishes may be unrecognizable in format but not in spirit. Visit Hemingway's website for details.