Monday, May 12, 2008

Letter from the Pool Fish

I, Linda, am the pool fish, or so said Gary, one of our ex-employees. He and Ted grew up on Long Island so both related to party boat fishing, where whomever fishes the best specimen wins the pool of cash. Gary congratulated Ted one night by saying, “You got the pool fish!” --meaning me, the wife. So here in my relative surround of embryonic bliss I flip about in a bucket of love. This post is all about relativity: the rest of the fish in the bucket, the environment one is familiar with and thus comfortable in, the small fish, the big pond. There is no “right” in most of these situations. Feeling uncomfortable in a space or circumstance has to do with what one is used to. It may be different, but it can be exciting if viewed as a happening haven of knowledge, where one can learn and gain insight from those who immerse themselves in their positive passion. No need to be intimidated about not knowing, or stereotyping with preconceived, old information. Relax, realize it is OK that what is not important to you, is important to someone else. Enjoy to learn, and learn to enjoy. What a better bucket it would be!