Friday, October 24, 2008

Peepers of another sort

I began this blog last spring when peepers, aka tree frogs (Pseudacris crucifer,) poked through pond water and peeped throughout the night. We now end this third quarter with peepers of a different kind: those who pursue perfect leaves. Our little brown frogs survive winter's sub-zero temperatures by lowering their metabolic rate and freezing along with the pond, but when the trees loose their splendor the two legged leaf peepers simply migrate to the sunny south. Weathering our current economic downturn will sort real peepers from the leaf lore. Having Hemingway's restaurant which has survived for 26 years proves we've met challenges like this before, so again, until a thaw occurs we shall dig deep and ice up along with prevailing temperatures. Before, however, we begin our winter burrow, we shall fly south for a short respite, and when we return for Thanksgiving this blog will resume.
PS! I found my first Agaricus campestris or pink field mushroom this week, right next to our front walk. Of course we do not use pesticides here, so it was safe for picking.