Friday, September 19, 2008

Slings & Arrows

As a restaurateur I too rely on Google to search for reliable information, but I have to say, "it ain't what it used to be." Now a Google search puts foremost too many social sites with too many reviews containing inaccurate information, including spelling errors. With wine reviews, for example, grape varietals are misspelled and sometimes the detailed name of the wine is incorrect. It is irritating to have to wade through a list of populist commentary links before one finds credibility. From a business perspective, I am not in favor of this round party table of democratic reviews with their ultra subjectivity. Give me a hard-edged critic who makes a living from the slings and arrows of his prose. It is OK if one's expectation meets or is lower than that of the reviewer, but if one is looking for a discerning mind, eye, or palate, then verify the credentials behind the judgments. Finding a plethora of inexpert commentary is a waste of time for the reader, and to the producers of said product or service, it is a disservice.