Friday, September 5, 2008

Annual Labor Day Forage

We went on our annual Labor Day mushroom forage and returned with these specimens. I have already mentioned the difference between false and true chanterelles, but this photo better illustrates. Though it won't "kill you dead" a false chanterelle, Gomphus floccopus, (left) will make you ill. Note the gills travel nearly all the way down the stem of a false chanterelle, and with a true chanterelle, Cantharellus cibarius, they travel partially down. The false chanterelle is also indented like a funnel. We also found scaber stalk boletes, but not much else since the rain has stopped. All had fun nevertheless and lunch was delicious! Special thanks to for the free blurb. Graylings (small and in the chanterelle family) should be up soon. We'll talk about these next. Meanwhile, here is a link to a mushroom recipe contest where you can win free 'shrooms and here is a link to poisonous mushroom site.