Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gold in these here hills

Chanterelles galore right now. We had a tip from someone who went on one of our public forages. She and her husband came by to ask our opinion about her multitude of funghi finds. Most were not edible, but she told us where she found a nice patch of the golden darlings. There was also a patch of false chanterelles, many of which she picked. They differ in that the top appears as a funnel shape and one can put a stick or pencil down into the top of the mushroom. The color also differs. The photo shows Faith holding the false one in her right hand. The goodie golden ones in the next photo will be served tomorrow with baby chicken, and we will recommend a sturdy white wine--perhaps a viognier from Calera since the chanterelles have a little apricot nuance. Some oyster mushrooms are also around, but more should be found on decaying trees later in the season as the nights cool.