Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Doctor is Out

I got to wondering, why is it you never see doctor reviews in the health sections of local or national media?

One doesn’t read for example, “The receptionist did not greet me within three minutes, and I was kept waiting for over half an hour. The nurse drew blood then spilled some on my shirt--and no one ever offered to pay for the dry cleaning!"

Or comments like, "As for the ambiance there were no decorative pictures on the wall and the restrooms should have been neater, especially for a medical facility. Though the doctor was cordial, he examined me with a cold stethoscope. I asked for it to be sent back and reheated, and while it was being refired I wasn’t even offered a magazine to read."

How about a post that says? "Finally, the prescribed medication for my ills led to an unpleasant reaction. Admittedly, this wasn’t as bad as Dr. Dentist who drilled and touched a nerve, not once, but twice. When the bill arrived I could not help exclaim, “What? I was only in the office for fifteen minutes--and half of that was waiting for the stethoscope to reheat.”

Official rating: Service * / Ambiance ** / Technique **

Ultimately, what we find is that reviewer has only visited this particular doctor once and that the doctor has had a loyal following until now. When queried about his credentials, the reviewer responded, “Why I’ve been going to the doctor since I was a child!”

Perhaps because I am in the restaurant business is the reason I am sensitive to the intense focus mainstream media and social sites have on restaurants.