Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Peeper

Pokes of daffodil and crocus shoot through the earth, and peepers (spring peeper or pseudacris crucifer, not the leaf kind who roam about in the fall) are jumping around ponds, endlessly peeping. The first ducks arrived a week ago, skimming the first bit of melted ice and snow. They nest for the next few weeks, peepers being a favorite snack!

Meanwhile, down our dirt road neighbors tap their maple trees for sap, running now for nearly a month. Wood sniffs are in the air as evaporator boiling begins, and unless global warming prevails, rain should soon wash our dusty landscape green. Japanese knotweed, wild leeks, dandelion greens, native succulents, and morels are some of the wild, edible, spring pickings Mother Nature is providing us in our beautiful Tuscan-like landscape here on a Green Mountain hill.

Just like these little frogs pushing their heads about in chilly spring waters, I toe dip into this blahgosphere, my first solo. Except for business marketing purposes, I have never been a blah-blah type; thus I have been slow to jump on this bandwagon, but it is now de rigeur for marketing. It seems a little like ballroom dancing, which I also never learned, so I’ve only begun to begin the blahg. I hope you enjoyed my first spring peeping and return another time for another silent earful, or visit us in Vermont to experience the hear now.